Art Direction Sebastian von Zeberg

As a service.

Probably has been spraypainting the house you live in at night, after three years the hobby became a source of income and right after the company Die Jungs Wandgestaltung was formed.

Painting bodies, taking photos.

Calligraphy, photography, human beings. Connecting three interests to a new one. Bodypainting.

@vonzeberg on instagram.

Awwwarded webdesign.

Sebastian worked for startups as well as established international brands.

His design work got international recognition of the most important Jury of the branch over at

Crafts & Interdisciplinary

Tailoring, Furniture, interactive Art installations in public space. Always trying to find new crafts and creative subgenres to combine.

Private life

In his sparetime Sebastian is a veteran couchsurfhost, singer / songwriter, photomodel and kickboxer.